Ornate Collection

Ornate Women's  Genuine Diamond Floral Dial AK874
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Inspired by one of the classic eras of watchmaking, this elegant Akribos Women's timepiece proudly b..

Ornate Women's Artistic Dial Bracelet AK880

A unique Women's timepiece in Akribos' collections, this lovely work of art features a petite 34mm c..

Ornate Women's Artistic Dial Leather Strap AK906

Wildly fashionable and unique in its design, this Akribos women's timepiece boasts a polished case a..

Ornate Women's Box Set Watch AK895

This lovely Akribos women's timepiece features a petite case with a polished rounded bezel. The..

Ornate Women's Floral Butterfly MOP Dial AK934

Delicate design with a solid construction, this beautiful work of art showcases a beautiful genuine ..